BCNJ Constitution & By-Laws

BCNJ Constitution and By-Laws



    Section 1. The name of the Club shall be the Bulldog Club of New Jersey.


Section 1. To stimulate interest in Bulldogs as pets and a show specimen.
Section 2. To study the breed with the idea of producing specimens as close to the standard as possible.

ARTICLE III Government

Section 1. The management of the Club shall be vested in the Club as a body, which said body shall elect annually from its members, a President, a First Vice-President, a Second Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Business Manager, an Entertainment Chairman, a Futurity Chairman, and five (5) Governors. If the Club, as such, is a member of a parent organization such as the Bulldog Club of America, a Delegate to said parent organization shall also be elected.

By-Laws Article I - Membership

Section 1. The Club shall be composed of an unlimited number of members.

Section 2. Members shall be entitled to every privilege and to participate in all the benefits of the Club.

Section 3. Application for membership must be in writing and be sponsored by a member in good standing. Application shall be submitted at a regular monthly meeting and be accompanied by the payment of annual dues. At the following monthly meeting, after an open discussion, membership shall be granted by a majority vote of the members present.

Section 4. Any complaint against a member must be made in writing to the Secretary. The Secretary shall refer such complaints to the Board of Governors for review. No action shall be taken by the Board, for any cause whatever, until the member concerned has been duly notified by the Secretary of the charges placed against him or her, and such member shall have 60 days to reply in his own defense. This having been done, the Board of Governors shall make a recommendation to a regular membership meeting for final action. Such member, against whom the charge was brought, shall be subject to such disciplinary action as the Club may order.

Section 5. Any member may resign from the Club by sending a written notice to the Secretary; notice of which shall be presented at the next regular membership meeting for action. There shall be no refund of dues for the unexpired portion of the year, and such member shall cease to have any privileges of membership. If any member resigns or is dismissed, such action will not release him from any debt or obligation due by him to the Club.

Section 6. Any member whose dues or other obligation to the Club shall remain unpaid for more than 120 days shall automatically be suspended from membership. Any member so suspended for non-payment of dues or obligations shall be reinstated upon payment of same.

Section 7. Suspension of any member by the American Kennel Club of all privileges automatically suspends from privileges of this Club during period of his suspension.

Section 8. Members shall notify the Secretary of any changes in address.

By-Laws Article II - Meetings

Section 1. The annual meeting of the Club shall be the regular meeting held in April of each year.

Section 2. The regular meeting of the Club shall be held the last Friday of the month unless otherwise determined at the last regular meeting. The Secretary shall notify the membership of the time and place of a meeting at least 10 days prior to the meeting.

Section 3. Special Meetings of the Club shall be called by the President or by the Secretary on the written application of five members in good standing. The object for calling the Special Meeting shall be stated in said application, and a notice of such Special Meeting shall be mailed to every member of the Club in good standing at least 10 days prior to such meeting. In said notice, the object of the Special Meeting shall be stated and no business other than that stated shall be transacted at such meeting.

By-Laws Article III - Quorum

Section 1. Thirteen members present and eligible to vote shall constitute a quorum.

Section 2. A majority vote of members present and eligible to vote shall be required for action on any measure presented for consideration.

Voting for all elective officers shall be by ballot, except where there is no opposition, in which case a ballot shall be cast by the Secretary. At the regular March meeting of the Club, all nominations of Officers for the ensuing year must be made and recorded by the Secretary. Voting on these nominations will be held at the regular April meeting of the Club.

By-Laws Article IV - Officers

Section 1. The officers, together with the Governors, Chairmen of Standing Committees, and the Delegate to parent organization, if any, shall preside over and govern not only the affairs of the Board of Governors but shall officiate for the Club at large at all times between the regular meetings of the Club as hereinafter outlined.

Section 2. The President shall not be elected for more than two years in succession.

Section 3. Should a vacancy occur, the Board of Governors shall immediately appoint a successor to serve the unexpired term of the original incumbent.

By-Laws Article V - Duties of Offciers

Section 1. The President shall discharge the usual duties of the office, preside at all meetings of the Club, call Special Meetings of the Club, enforce the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Club and appoint all necessary committees. The President may vote on amendments of the Constitution, alterations of the By-Laws, expulsion or suspension of members, election of officers, but on all other matters the President shall vote only in case of a tie and then give the deciding vote. The President shall be ex-officio member of all committees, and perform other duties that are outlined in the Manual of Operations.

Section 2. The First Vice-President shall discharge the duties of the President in his or her absence. If both the President and First Vice-President are absent, the Second Vice-President shall discharge the duties of President.

Section 3. The Second Vice-President, upon election shall assume the duties of Bench Show Chairman and other duties that are outlined in the Manual of Operations.

Section 4. The Secretary shall have charge of all correspondence, keep copies of all letters sent by him or her and file such as may be received. He or she shall correspond on all matters pertaining to the objects of the Club as directed by the Club, shall take and keep minutes of the Club and keep a roll of members of the Club. Minutes and Roll of Members shall be maintained as a permanent record, while all correspondence shall be reviewed annually by the Board of Governors for disposition. The Secretary shall assume other duties that are outlined in the Manual of Operations.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall collect and receive all monies due or received by the Club for any and all purposes except monies to be handled by the Bench Show Committee. At the completion of such Bench Show, the Chairman of the Committee shall give a complete report to all members accounting for all monies; said report shall also be incorporated into the Treasurer’s records. Any net balance shall be turned over to the Treasury and any net deficit made up by the Treasury. The Treasurer shall pay all bills of expense of the Club out of its funds and shall make a financial report at the Annual Meeting, and also at the regular meetings of the Governors. The Treasurer shall make his complete books available when requested to do so by the Auditing Committee. Funds of the Club shall be kept in a bank convenient to the Treasurer and approved by the Board of Governors. The Treasurer shall perform other duties as outlined in the Manual of Operations.

Section 6. The Business Manager shall be the Club’s purchasing agent and shall be in charge of all Club equipment. He or she will also act as the Chairman of the Bulletin Committee and assume other duties that are outlined in the Manual of Operations.

Section 7. The Futurity Chairman shall be in complete charge of all futurities and perform other duties that are outlined in the Manual of Operations.

Section 8. The Entertainment Chair shall be in complete charge of all programs and assume other duties that are outlined in the Manual of Operations.

Section 9. The Board of Governors shall constitute the governing body of the Club. They shall perform such other duties as may be hereinafter provided, or as the President may call upon them to do and assume other duties as are outlined in the Manual of Operations.

Section 10. The Delegate to the parent organization, such as the BCA, provided the Club is a member of said parent organization, shall attend and represent the Club at all meetings of the parent organization or have a substitute approved by the President to do so in his place. If and when time permits, matters requiring a vote shall be brought before the Board of Governors for its recommendation to a regular membership meeting as to how the Delegate should cast the Club vote.

Section 11. Any office may be declared vacant by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Governors, if the incumbent is absent at two consecutive meetings, either monthly meetings, meetings of the Board of Governors or meetings of such committees which are necessary to attend for the proper discharge of his duty, provided, however, that if such officer has notified the Secretary in advance, stating the reason for absence, which in the judgment of the Board of Governors is sufficient, this section shall not be enforced.

By- Laws Article VI - Committees

Section 1. The President shall appoint any standing Committees deemed necessary. An Auditing Committee of three members shall be appointed by the President whose duties shall be to audit the books of the Treasurer annually. At the request of the Board of Governors, additional Auditing Committees may be appointed to audit the books more often than once a year.

By-Laws Article VII - Dues

Section 1. The annual dues, payable in advance, shall be $3.50 per single member, or $3 each for two or more of the same household. The annual dues of a members elected after January 1 shall be credited to the next complete fiscal year; the fiscal year being from May 1 to April 30.

Article VIII - Decisions and Amendments

Section 1. Decisions. The Board of Governors of the Club shall render its opinion and shall give final decisions upon any matter not fully provided for or clearly expressed in the Constitution and By-laws.

Section 2. Amendments. No amendment will be considered unless the desired change is submitted in writing to the Secretary, duly setting forth the proposed amendment and signed by at least 10 members in good standing. The Secretary shall then in turn notify all members of the proposed amendment, addition or alteration, at least 10 days before action is taken, which said action shall take place at any regular meeting. Upon approval such changes shall be submitted to the AKC for its record, and each member must be promptly notified of the fact in writing or printed notice signed by the Secretary.

Article IX - Order of Business

1. Calling meeting to order

2. Calling Roll of Officers

3. Reading of Minutes of previous meeting.

4. Reports of Officers

5. Reports of Standing Committees

6. Reports of Special Committees

7. Communications and Bills

8. Election of Officers

9. Application and Election of New Members

10. Unfinished Business

11. New Business

12. Good and Welfare of the Club

13. Adjournment