Duties of the President

The duties of the President shall be to preside at all Club and Board Meetings and at all appointed or elected committee meetings if necessary. He or she shall maintain order and conduct the business in hand, expediting matters to the best of his ability. He shall conduct meetings according to the recognized procedure for meetings. He shall not make motions from the chair nor shall he cast a vote except in the case of a tie. He shall call the Board of Governors meetings once a month to transact Club business, unless there is no club business pressing. However, no period of more than two calendar months shall pass without a Board meeting. 

Duties of the First Vice-President

The First Vice-President shall take the place of the President in his or her absence and carry out the duties of the President as previously outlined. The First Vice-President shall be responsible for the Best of Winners Trophies that BCNJ offers to All-Breed Clubs in New Jersey and to Specialties. Notification of offer shall be sent to all eligible Clubs and duplicates sent to our own Secretary. An annual diary is to be kept by the V.P. in which shall be entered all pertinent information, such as: Futurity dates and where held, list of Specialty and All-Breed Clubs to whom Best of Winners trophy is offered and by whom accepted, and also a list of show dates giving four months’ advance notice of dates when show is to be held. Any other information deemed pertinent shall be entered. The Diary shall be passed on to the incoming First Vice-President for guidance. 

Duties of the Second Vice-President

The Second Vice-President shall take the place of the President in the absence of the President and First Vice-President and shall carry out the duties as previously outlined. The Second Vice-President shall be Show Chairman and be responsibility for the Specialty Show and all Match Shows and also the holding of the Futurity. The Bench Show Chairman shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary ribbons, rosettes, etc. As Bench Show Chair, he/she shall keep record of duties and pass them on to his successor. 

Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall keep a complete record of the finances of the Club and shall make a monthly report to the membership. He shall be responsible for all financial matters of the Club and shall make all disbursements and receive all income. He shall be applied to be all committees having to make disbursements, and they shall immediately turn over to the Treasurer all monies received by them. The books and records shall be available at all times for inspection by the duly authorized and appointed Auditing Committee. 

Duties of the Secretary

The Secretary shall faithfully keep all Club records pertaining to the Secretary’s office, Minutes of all meetings and attend to correspondence. He/she shall read at all meetings the Minutes of the previous meeting, and also call the Roll of Officers at all meetings and at every meeting shall have a copy of the Constitution available. He shall also pass on to the general membership at large at each meeting all inquiries directed to the Club for puppies, breedings, handling or other services that are the business of the Club until satisfactorily concluded. The Secretary is the only AKC contact. He is to notify new members of acceptance and shall forward to new members copies of the Constitution and Manual of Operations and Futurity Rules and nomination forms. 

Duties of the Business Manager

All Bulletins shall be mailed from the office of the Business Manager to enable a complete check to be kept on the Mailing List, etc. The Bulletin Committee shall be empowered to send free copies for the Bulletins where they deem it necessary. The Bulletin Committee shall hold regular meetings to decide policy and to work out their problems. The Business Manager shall represent the Bulletin Committee at all Club meetings. He/she shall be responsible for Club property and its location and keep an inventory of Club property. 

Duties of the Entertainment Chair

The entertainment chairman is responsible for all Club functions: dinners, refreshments, meeting hall booking, entertainment, picnics. He/she will be Dinner Chairman for the BCNJ Annual Dinner and will cooperate with the Bulletin Editor on future programs. 

Duties of the Futurity Chair

The Futurity Chairman shall have full charge of arranging the Futurities. He/she shall keep all records pertaining to futurities and keep in contact with the owners of puppies entered.

Duties of Board Members At large

This duly authorized and elected body shall, in conjunction with the elected Officers of the Club, conduct all Club business and shall at all times carry out and implement the instructions of the members of the Bulldog Club of New Jersey. 

Miscellaneous Proviisons

A Committee of ex-Bench Show Chairmen and Futurity Chairmen shall be appointed to draw up a complete list of duties for the Bench Show Chairman covering Match Shows, Specialties and Futurities. This shall be a Guide for all future holders of the office.

The Club shall obtain a copy of the AKC booklet How to Run a Match Show. 

The Bench Show Committee shall be limited to necessary members only, e.g. Bench Show Chairman, Trophy Chairman, Booster Ad and In Memoriam Chairman, and three other additional members.  

The Entertainment Chairman shall be the Specialty Dinner Chairman and shall work with the Bench Show Chairman.

The officers and Board of Governors shall be automatic members of the Bench Show Committee.

It should be clearly understood that all members accepting office or appointments are automatically expressing their willingness to work hard, and it will not be the case of appointing others to carry out their duties.

The Stewards shall be picked and invited at the same time as the judge for our Specialty. The Bench Show Chairman shall bring this up when he/she requested the selection of judges.

The Club Secretary shall write to the Club’s first choice for Judge asking availability and charges. If the first choice is not available or acceptable, the second choice shall be contacted.

A Publicity Chairman shall be selected and the choice made known to the Club. He/she shall be responsible for all Match and Specialty publicity as well as the Bulletin publicity for the year.

The Club will look into the question of liability insurance for Club events where no outside coverage is supplied.