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     a. any person who keeps or operates or proposes to establish a kennel, a pet shop, a shelter or a pound shall apply to the clerk or other official designated to license dogs in the municipality where such establishment is located, for a license entitling him to keep or operate such establishment.

the application shall describe the premises where the establishment is located or is proposed to be located, the purpose or purposes for which it is to be maintained, and shall be accompanied by the written approval of the local municipal and health authorities showing compliance with the local and state rules and regulations governing location of and sanitation at such establishments.

b. all licenses issued for a kennel, pet shop, shelter or pound shall state the purpose for which the establishment is maintained, and all such licenses shall expire on the last day of june of each year, and be subject to revocation by the municipality on recommendation of the state department of health and senior services or the local board of health for failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the state department or local board governing the same, after the owner has been afforded a hearing by either the state department or local board, except as provided in subsection c. of this section.

any person holding such license shall not be required to secure individual licenses for dogs owned by such licensee and kept at such establishments; such licenses shall not be transferable to another owner or different premises.

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